The 1901 Constitution of Alabama, the basis for the newly adopted "Alabama Constitution of 2022", was written with the express intent to install white supremacy into the laws of Alabama.

Even though our new constitution has removed the overtly racist language and removed the exception for "involuntary servitude", the core tenants of white supremacy hold steadfast in every aspect of Alabama's governance. We know it is a long battle ahead of us but this is a fight that can not stop.


Alabama's healthcare ranks among the lowest in the country.

I believe everyone deserves the right to be healthy and receive care from trained medical professionals.

One of the first steps we need to do as a state is to expand Medicaid. Giving access to healthcare will give back the economy of Alabama while costing the state a fraction with the use of federal funding.


Slavery is legal in the United States of America on a federal level.

While the Alabama constitution claims to have abolished slavery, we currently have citizens who are stuck in lifelong service at slave wages in our prison systems.

We must get our prisons under control and safe for both those who are incarcerated and the staff.

Until we rid the prison system of the profit motive, we will not see an end to slavery in our state.


Alabama's education ranks among the lowest in the country.

Alabama is one of a few states that use the foundation program model which tries to use average costs to create budgets rather than the actual needs of our students. This results in inequitable funding, especially for the poorer communities in our state.

We need a new funding model.


I believe decisions about medical care should be between the person with the uterus and the doctor(s) providing their care.

Abortions are healthcare and should be available to anyone who wants or needs that care with the help of a medical professional when necessary. I am ready and willing to call for a special session to repeal the HB314 (2019) which restricts abortion access in most cases, included those resulting from rape and incest.


I believe all our residents deserve the same rights no matter how they present themselves regarding gender or what their sexual orientation may be.

Our state's treatment of our transgender youth is abhorrent and must be reversed. I am ready and willing to call a special session to call upon our legislature to repeal SB184 (2022) which prohibits providing gender affirming care (procedures or prescriptions) for minors and makes it a felony to do so.


I think our students should learn with age-appropriate lessons about the influence of our laws on the different races of our citizens, both past and present.

Many residents have expressed their concern over teaching Critical Race Theory in our public (K-12) schools. I urge you all to watch the following video to learn more about Critical Race Theory.